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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

105 Business Ideas part 2

idea: underwear with pockets

By Ryan P Allis, The Young Entrepreneurship, Part 2

65. Make a ski board rotating wardrobe at ski resorts.
66. flavored straws
67. A grocery store that also had a fitness center
68. a diagonal load dishwasher
69. sushi restaurant
70. Candyland theme park chain
71. web design/advertising company
72. per month CD online company
73. educational software for the visually impaired
74. bringing broadband internet access into developing countries
75. Sonar for blind people
76. voice/data equipment for hospitals
77. drink machine that talks to you.
78. a teddy bear with sensors and small computer inside that would talk to infants/toddlers and encourage good behavior or tell them a bed-time story
79. an online store where you could customize clothing and then have it shipped to you
80. new internet service provider
81. college/cheerleader calendars
82. college/male athlete calendars
83. voice-activated radio/TV
84. voice activated hourse
85. remote control finder
86. voice activated keys
87. hydrogen powered cars
88. easy wrinkle remover
89. never-ending bottle of soda
90. underwear with pockets
91. new clothing line
92. donut store
93. shoe pockets
94. wireless TV headseats
95. haircoloring shampoo
96. desks with build in computers
97. an educational software company that made console games for kids that were actually fun to play
98. New brand of cola
99. Monorail company
100. triangular and circular houses
101. interchangeable shoes
102. internet café
103. pens that never from out of ink
104. new type of fuel
105. hovercars
Now that your creative juices are flowing, I encourage to learn how to evaluate business ideas in ‘How to Evaluate Business Ideas and Opportunities."

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